Water Solutions continues to set the industry benchmark for excellence in water engineering services to the mining sector. Our extensive experience in servicing the mining industry results from long-standing partnerships with our clients, their suppliers and regulatory bodies.

Water Solutions’ services go beyond consulting; with solutions tailored to each project’s specific needs, providing unparalleled client support and guidance through all stages of planning, approvals, testing, design and implementation.

We offer expertise and consulting services that encompass the complete mining life cycle, from feasibility through to operations and closure. Our long and successful track record is a product of our in-depth knowledge of the mining industry and its drivers.

Our Services

  • Mine Water Management
  • Mine Water Balance Modelling
  • Water Quality Modelling and Management
  • Hydrological Risk Assessment
  • Dam Management for Water Supply and Tailings
  • River Engineering, Hydraulics, and Diversion Design
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Groundwater and Seepage Investigation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Management
  • GIS and Data Management
  • Detailed Design and Tender Documentation
  • Dam Design, Safety and Surveillance Inspections
  • Flood Study and Flood Mitigation
  • Hydraulic Structures Design and Water Resources Management
  • Physical Modelling of Hydraulic Structures
  • Technology Transfer and Training of Mining Personnel
  • Research and Development of Emerging Technologies
  • Mine Closure Planning
  • Mine Dewatering

    Above all, our focus is to achieve successful project outcomes, with our Clients’ best interests as a priority