OPSIM is a special purpose, operational simulation solution software program for the expert modelling of both natural and industrial / mine water resource systems. The software provides technicians and managers with a robust and powerful tool to handle the most demanding situations with ease and without compromise.

Comprehensive time series tracking of water, solids (tailings) and associated geochemical inventories is provided. An extensive suite of predefined simulation components allows rapid development of system models, while in-built mathematical and statistical analysis functions offer rapid assessment and reporting of simulation outcomes through tabulation or multi-line plots.

OPSIM is designed to meet the needs of a vertically integrated user base ranging from technical to managerial users. In the highly interactive environment of operational systems, a single OPSIM model can fulfil the decision support needs of all key stakeholders.

For example, opening a new mining pit within an established operation is likely to:

  • Increase the water harvested from the local site catchments
  • Reduce the net demand of externally supplied raw make-up water
  • Increase the risk of uncontrolled spill from site dams
  • Increase the contaminated watershed commanded by the site
  • Increase the risk of pit inundation if water cannot be spilled more frequently from site dams
  • Impact on tailings storage capacity
  • And more…


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