RocLoc is a waterway diversion system that provides engineers with a solution to the engineering and environmental challenges presented in the design of stable waterways over steep gradients.

The RocLoc system uses specially designed, interlocking concrete blocks to form cascades to reduce effective channel slope, and hence flow velocity.
The primary feature of the system is that erosion protection is provided by using the hydraulic action of the flowing water to keep bed material in place.

Unlike conventional approaches to watercourse diversion problems, RocLoc provides a permanent waterways management solution that can handle situations of significant settlement and extreme flow events.

In 2003 RocLoc was the winner of the Engineering Excellence Award in the Category of Research and Development, Engineers Australia, QLD division. The award is in recognition of the outstanding achievement in the field of engineering taking into account consideration of users, ecological sustainable development aspects, aesthetic standards and benefits to the community.